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A year-long program that will change your life, capabilities and prospects.

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A network of 30 doctors focused on teaching the next generation of veterinarians. This is mentorship on the stuff that matters.


Nearby housing in a quiet neighborhood with the comforts, amenities, and quality that you deserve.


We pack 3-5 years of practice into one year. This is a structured, supported, and hands-on way to learn how to turn theory into practice.

Work/Life Balance

This isn’t just about work. It’s about learning how to be a happy doctor. From stress management to personal habits… we’ll help you thrive.

Privately Owned

We are privately and family owned, and our priorities are simple: to help you become an incredibly successful and happy veterinarian.


You will walk out of here with a level of general practice, surgical, and emergency experience that will be on par with anyone in the country. You won’t have to pretend to be anyone else… you’ll be the best, most authentic and empowered version of you.

We’ll Get You

I think what was done really well is the mentorship.  I think that having someone, sometimes lots of someones, available to give advice on a case and help you when you need help is very important.  Not only does it allow for us to build confidence, but it also allows us to see how several other doctors may tackle a particular case.  I appreciate that even though I was assigned one mentor, that I felt that I came away from the year having been mentored by several different doctors.
Intern 1
I felt as though the program REALLY helped me grow as a doctor both medically and surgically.  I will say, speaking with other doctors who have been specialty trained, our surgical training is incomparable.  I also felt as though I got a lot of mentorship, especially at the beginning.  I’m not sure if that was because we had a weirdly slow summer but I never felt as though I had trouble finding someone if I had a question.  I really appreciated the family-like atmosphere and the support.
Intern 2
I can say that I feel like we came out of this past year with a lot of great surgical experience.  My internmate can give you feedback too, for example, she was complimented at her new job on her surgical experience already.  I think that I would feel comfortable going in to surgery overnight on my own if I had to, and I know that I can figure out all of my medicine calculations (even though I will not be as fast as Dr. Jonatan for a while).
Intern 3