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Your Practice Champion

Your Practice Champion is your dedicated liaison. When you want to Vespacon a case, your Champion will match you with the best fitting specialist and will coordinate your video conference consultation.


Your case specialist will review the case with you. We want to know what you see and what you’re thinking. From there, your specialist will ask targeted questions to narrow down the likeliest differentials. We’ll give you a game plan for what tests to do, what to look out for, and how to manage the case from there.


As you get new information, we continue to collaborate with you in order to ensure the best possible outcome for your patient. Should the case progress to the point where transfer to a specialty hospital is appropriate, we procure a spot and facilitate the transfer.

Success is in the details

No headaches. No learning curve. Just concierge-style collaboration and results. We’ll help you take patient care to a new level.


A dedicated liaison to coordinate everything you need.


A network of specialists available on demand.

Case Management

Active collaboration through the entire case lifecycle.

5-Star Service

Workflows and support that are just as polished as the specialty care.


Matching communication and collaboration to your doctoring style.


We help you elevate patient care.

The team by your side

Ken Pierce, DACVO

Founder & CEO

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Our focus is simple… to empower you

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Client relationships

Your client relationships are the lifeblood of your practice. We help you manage everything in house while elevating patient care, which builds trust with your clients.

Case management

By actively collaborating with specialists on complicated cases, your patients will have a higher chance of a more successful outcome.

Financial performance

By being able to take on more complex cases, keep more cases in house, and offer a higher standard of care, your practice will enjoy improved financial performance.

Professional growth

You will develop new skills and expertise by actively collaborating with and learning from boarded specialists.