A Better World

Our vision at TNV is to set a new standard of excellence in veterinary care, where every pet’s life is valued and preserved through compassionate and affordable services. We envision a future where economic euthanasia becomes a thing of the past, replaced by a community where pets thrive alongside their families. Through innovation, collaboration, and an unyielding commitment to our values, we aim to be a beacon of hope, fostering a world in which every pet receives the care they need and every owner finds support and understanding on their journey to a lifelong companionship.


Uncommon Capabilities

Dr. Natara Loose earned her board certification in emergency critical care in 2007. While most veterinarians leave vet school and start working immediately, there is a subset of veterinarians that go above and beyond to advance their training to become specialized. These steps require a minimum of an additional 4 years of focused training. Dr. Loose is able to blend this advanced training with a deeply compassionate approach attempting to embrace the importance often missed in the veterinary experience: the emotional health of the pet.


Love, Always

We exist because we believe in the love you share with your pet. We know that they are truly family. And when it comes to family, only the best will do. We truly see your pet as our own, and will only ever care for them as such. We believe in connecting with you, in caring for you, and in making sure that we work together to accomplish your goals and address your fears. We are passionate advocates of you and your pet, because the love you share inspires us. And we only want the best for you.


What The Neighbors Say…

I will forever be grateful to this place. My pup was hit by a car and they saw me right away with no questions asked. I was not a previous patron but they were the closest vet to me when the accident occurred. The doctor is objective and informative, and my Tallulah loves her. The staff is so caring and very kind. I will only take my girl here going forward.


Dr Loose and her staff are very accommodating despite their busy schedules. They always respond to texts in a timely manner to address my concerns. Clinic is clean and organized.

And most importantly, the staff is always great with Hulk and makes him feel comfortable!

Tamara R
Dr. Loose is the best vet i’ve ever had. both she and her team are knowledgeable, skilled, and kind. i adopted my second dog, Ella, from the rescue she started (Small Bites Rescue). when my first dog, Phoebe, needed surgery, she accepted Phoebe as a client even though she was at capacity. when i needed to take Ella out into Long Island for retinal reattachment surgery and didn’t have a car, Dr. Loose lended me her own. she is one of the most giving and hard-working people i’ve ever met. we will miss her terribly when we move out west!
There are no words for me to describe how important and helpful Dr. Loose has been for my family. Throughout my cat’s entire life Dr. Loose has been extraordinarily thorough, caring, understanding, resourceful, knowledgeable, available, communicative. Now that our cat is nearing the end of his lovely life, we have needed her more than ever and she and her staff have made us feel so cared for. I cannot recommend her services enough if you are lucky enough to become a patient family of hers. THANK YOU DR. LOOSE!
Having home vet visits for my elderly cat who hates to leave the house is a lifesaver for both of us. Dr. Loose is very kind to him even when he’s grouchy, and has caught things on lab work/medications that previous vets have missed. I highly recommend her to pet owner in Brooklyn.

Dr Loose is the absolute best. She was the vet of choice for my cat during the time we lived in Bushwick, and was unfailingly kind, compassionate, excellent at her job, punctual, and efficient. If I could fly her to Australia, I would!

Dr. Loose is hands (er, paws) down one of the best vets in the city. She’s friendly, incredibly knowledgeable, and clearly loves animals to a ridiculous degree. She recently came to give my goldendoodle his annual booster shots, and when I told my pup she was coming, he was the most excited I’ve ever seen him. Shots weren’t an issue, plucking out excess ear hair was a breeze, and at the end of the day, my fur baby is as happy and healthy as he can be.

Dr. Loose is caring and genuinely loves her job. She bought my Max a toy. Max loves her and it’s easy to see why. She is now my furry baby’s vet and I will look for no other. Five stars are not enough; she deserves 10 stars!


Dr. Loose and her staff are wonderful. She is always on time, efficient, and delivers the highest quality of care to me and my brothers Tito (cat) and Speedy (turtle). I highly recommend Dr. Loose and The Neighborhood Vet.