Above The Cloud

Veterinary practice management software.

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IT Stays Behind the Curtain

Your critical workflows and processes. Interfacing with labs. Payment processing. Medical records. Appointment scheduling. Every single thing other than you walking into a room and taking care of patients and clients… it’s now behind the curtain. StringSoft has spent over a decade building a revolutionary system for the largest universities and hospitals in the world. And now, we are bringing it to you. Step into the future. It changes everything.

A Revolution For…

General Practice

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Specialty Practice

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Essential Features

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Electronic Medical Records

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Digital Imaging

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Lab Interface

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Appointment Scheduling 2.0

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Referral Management

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The Fortress

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Above The Cloud

This is the only program on the market that runs in a browser, app, or on a virtual session. This advanced solution has a myriad of benefits. Are you concerned about your data existing outside your office walls? No problem. Want to run only on the cloud? No problem. Want a hybrid solution? No problem. We have a premise-based application on site, which cuts costs for you, and a web based app that connects to your local data. This level of flexibility has only existed in large corporations… until now. This is a true revolution in practice management software. Because we believe you deserve it. And we’ve saved the best for last – the revolution actually reduces costs for you.

Support Matters

Let’s face it… dealing with software customer support can be frustrating. It usually takes a while to get ahold of someone, and if you request a change, it probably never gets addressed. We pride ourselves on taking care of people here. Although there’s not a whole lot that ever goes wrong, you can always reach us by phone. We update the system at least once a month, and always listen when you feel a new feature would be valuable for your practice. It’s a level of responsiveness that you haven’t seen before, and that you’ve deserved for a long time.

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Are we a good fit?

Probably. But let’s find out for sure. The best way to know is by scheduling a complementary 15 minute consultation. You get to know us, we get to know you, and you get a great feel for how StringSoft would work in your practice. Just take 30 seconds to fill out the form below, and we’ll email you to say hello and set up a time that works for you. Trust us… it’s worth it!

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