Fear Free

Our calling in life is helping your pet live the longest, happiest, healthiest life possible. That is why we are proud to be Fear Free certified. By significantly reducing any stress or fear they experience during their visit, we are able to practice better medicine, and you’ll feel better about taking them in. Because life’s better without fear.

Protecting Bonds

Dr. Fay has been our family for years. She is kind, compassionate, and knows her stuff. I love the fact that she takes the time to explain things and when things get tough she is there to provide comfort for all involved. You couldn’t ask for a better Vet or person to handle your fur babies’ care.
Cindy V.

There’s a reason the considered the best in the south sound. The staff is friendly and willing to answer any and all questions. The Vets go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.

Chad B.

We moved here in July finding a good vet takes time. we have been really happy with the care our 11-year-old dog has received. she just had surgery to remove a mass on her right hind leg. They did a wonderful job and were sent home with detailed billing and 3 pages of discharge paperwork. and her meds. the office is friendly clean and you can tell they care about your pets.

Margo B.