We make ownership transitions healthy for employees, pet owners, and pets.

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The Values That Inspire Us

What Inspires Us


Ours is a profession which is ever-changing and each day presents victories and challenges. We are committed to growth and learning within our hospitals and we recognize that no two days are the same. While our passion for improvement is at the core of our reason for existing, our operating models aren’t over-rigid. Learning from mistakes, adapting to new conditions and becoming better tomorrow than we were today – these are the behaviors we seek to model in all we do.


Collaboration is essential when caring for pets, advancing the goals of our hospitals and building new skills as professionals. We believe in mutual positive intent and are driven by common purpose. Honesty and trust are central to every interaction, decision and commitment we make.


How we make one another feel can be as important as what we accomplish together. Collective effort and mutual achievement only happen through a shared belief in the value of everyone on our team.

Leaders eat last. Meet our team of dreamers and doers.

Kimball Carr

Chairman, President & CEO

Stith Keiser

Vice Chairman, Chief Operating Officer

Jim Coleman

Board Member

Dr. Chuck Keiser

Board Member

Peter Lau

Board Member

Richard S. Marten

Board Member

Kelli Kerwin

Board Member

Decades, not years

Inspired team members receive regular, personalized coaching and mentorship. We deal with the important issues head on, we build a process and environment that nurtures your most important skill sets, and we dedicate ourselves completely to your growth – personally and professionally. To us, what matters most is that you are empowered to make as much of a difference in your community as possible, and that you live the kind of life that truly Inspires you. One free from financial worry, excessive work, and misaligned priorities.

Year 5 will be better than year 1. Because that’s what happens when you inspire the best people of veterinary medicine to build its future.

Build a life that inspires you. Build a career at Inspire.

Our message has resonated with transitioning owners, and we are growing quickly. That means an expanded network of exceptional hospitals and future teammates for you to choose from. Take a look at our open positions, and contact us so that we can start a conversation around building a future that inspires you.