Let’s Transform Affordable Care

To us, this is more than an animal hospital. It is a humanitarian mission to make gold-standard veterinary care affordable to all. Here, you will find some of the nations top doctors, trained by the nations top schools, working together to build something novel. Working together to create the highest standards of care imaginable, to be the best clinicians they can be, and to treat every single pet like their own. Because we understand how much your pet means to you. How, when you look at them, you don’t just see fur… you see family. And no matter if you are rich or poor, we believe that your pet deserves the best healthcare imaginable.

Because every pet deserves the best.

Meet The Team

A New Vision

Our vision is simple… to radically transform low cost animal healthcare. That takes innovation, vision, talent, and technology. The medical treatments your pet will have access to here are second to none. Advanced laboratories, digital radiology, underwater treadmills, cytology machines… the only thing your pet can expect is excellence. And for the first time, it’s actually affordable.

Because every pet deserves the best.

Wellness & Prevention
End of Life Care

Transforming Care

Huge thank you to everyone at Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic. It was a rough week in our home with two dog emergencies! Our fur babies are both on the mend. The staff is amazing, they consistently provide excellent care. I honestly believe they love our pets as much as we do and love what they do. Thank you again!!!


My babies do not go Elsewhere, Doc Taylor is amazing! The other vets are great! I love most of the techs and receptionists, Few … bad eggs I just don’t click with but that’s life, my babies are always treated with care. I drive 45+min just for this office, rather then use the closer less knowledgeable vets. Only the best for my “kids” that’s LCSN!


I absolutely love this clinic. The staff is so caring and compassionate you can tell how much they care about the animals they see. It Is honestly top notch veterinarian care at affordable prices.