How we serve you

You are the steward of a creature of God. We believe our primary role is to educate you as much as we can so that you can make decisions for your pet that you feel good about. Part of that is teaching you how to identify good quality veterinary care. We also teach you about your pet’s health, we explain the “why” behind any illnesses or injuries they have, and we empower you to understand what you can do at home to give them the best life possible.

When you walk out, you will feel a deeper understanding for how to care for the pet you love. And we will be with you every step of the way.

Our passion

To us, veterinary medicine is not just a profession. It is our calling in life. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to protect God’s creatures. To help as many pets as we can live a wonderful life. That is why we are so passionate about lifting this community up. About teaching you about how to care for the pet you love so deeply. About giving you something that you have always deserved.

In every visit, at every moment, you will feel our love and support. You have it, always.

Example title

Went there for an emergency care for my pet injury. The staff was knowledgeable and provided full explanation of the treatment plan. I also received a courtesy follow up call after a few days to follow up on my pet. Keep up the good work!
Fera S.
The most friendliest veterinary hospital I’ve come to know here in Qatar. Staff members were engaging and showed the right care for my 2 month old puppy. Nawal and Felix were truly helpful from entry to exit. They both took the time to explain answers to my questions about vaccinations, getting the right food, and proper cleaning procedures. I not only recommend them for any pet needs one may have, but I also recommend them for the lovely cats they have for adoption. I’m truly grateful. Thank you Canadian Veterinary Hospital. You are the best.
Khalil T.
Staffs are accommodating and everything is organized. The reception team went out of there way to help me, They follow up the appointment ahead of time to remind the patient. Thank you Canadian veterinary team!!, keep it up.
Noor N.