We Save Lives

Thank you to the staff for all hands on deck when coming in for an emergency c-section that could have turned ugly fast. Because of them momma and 9 beautiful babies made it home safe, healthy and happy. This is actually the 2nd experience I have had with this clinic, and both have been 5-star worthy.
Words cannot describe my gratitude for this place. At midnight they not only helped me and my best friend but showed compassion and empathy towards us when we were so very much in need. I am eternally grateful for this place, Mary was absolutely a God-send and I don’t know what I would have done without her and her levels of kindness and knowledge tonight. Thank you guy SO much.
We had to take our Cat in at 8pm with a huge femur laceration. She went right in to a room and they told us everything they were gonna do to repair it. They went above and beyond for our emergency. They did a great job with everything and I highly recommend them in an emergency!!!